What’s With This Urge to Fill a Space?

Leslie Robison
2 min readNov 28, 2022

We all have a bit of packrat in us.

(originally published 2018 and holds true.)

I’ve owned my Camry for a number of years and recently found a new storage area!

It’s a hidden compartment under the storage area in the dashboard.

Hmmm, what can go in there? Change? iPod? Tissues?

Then I caught myself. Why should anything go in there?

There is lots of available room in the glove box, the door pockets, the double-compartmented console, and the seat backs.

I reminded myself that ‘empty space’ is not ‘wasted space’.

It is just space that is not filled with something tangible. (Read that again.)

Sometimes it highlights a space that is filled with something, like when advertisers leave ‘white space’ in an advertisement to draw your attention to another place on the page.

Kitchen cabinets and file drawers need ‘wasted space’, room to put your hand when you maneuver things around.

I know this; clients have heard me say it for years.

So what did I do?

I put the cassette adapter for my iPod and phone in it.

Then promptly forgot where the adapter was and bought another. : )

No one, not even someone who’s spent decades organizing and helping clients find lost times, is immune.



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